Out of the Box Solutions


systems are ready for use

Out of the Box Solutions

compatible and interconnected

Out of the Box – This refers to systems that can be operated immediately by the customer. No developments or fundamental adjustments are necessary. After installation and a possible configuration, the systems are ready for use and can be utilised by the customer immediately.

The Swiss market has set itself a goal to digitalize most companies by 2025. With the current IT market costs, this is not financially viable for many companies, so therefore Loxy offers numerous solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises that can enable systems (software & hardware) to operate in a very short span of time at affordable costs.

Thus, the customer can save high costs for internal developments. If need be, a portion of the saved costs can be invested for specific requirements and their developments in its own enterprise. Thus, the processes can be optimized in detail for lower costs, which secures or even increases revenue and profit.

Our Starter Kits

We offer starter kits that can be applied to individual areas. Of course, all starter kits are compatible with each other and can be interconnected. The interconnection results in additional interesting functions, which saves you labor costs.