Customized Solutions


tailor-made solution

Customized Solutions

Are you a company that has to handle complex processes and  need a tailor-made solution? Then you have the right partner for your digitalization projects . For most projects, customers can also take advantage of our existing Loxy Platform and use the out of the box solutions.

With the integrated APP’s and services, many standard functions are covered, thus making it easier to implement your specific requirements, as they are integrated into an existing technological ecosystem. This saves massive costs in terms of planning, implementation and commissioning!

Another significant advantage is the reduction of expensive interfaces on the customer’s side. Interfaces are costly to manufacture and maintain. In Loxy starOS many functional interfaces are integrated and always updated and maintained by Satcom. One of the most important factors is that Loxy starOS also offers interfaces that can be connected to other Ecosystems!

Customized Solutions

Procedure for Digitization Projects

Up to Project Completion:

  • Analysis of Current Situation and Application Digitalization
  • Advice on Application Possibilities and Implementation
  • Creation of POC and Pilot Phases
  • Implementing Projects with Partners
  • Monitoring during System Commissioning
  • Training and Workshops for you and your staff

After the project:

  • Support and maintenance of the systems
  • Workshops for further development and sustainability