Connectivity Services



Connectivity Services

Connectivity connects individual participants together in the digital world. A computer, tablet computer, smartphone, devices, sensors, etc. are connected via networks. Offering such networking services is part of the IoT & AI Technologies. These systems achieve their actual tasks by networking with other participants.

As a provider of a technology platform, we offer our customers the appropriate network services. We have integrated the suitable services of telecom providers into our platform for individual needs. In addition, it is also a security relevant factor, as we have implemented additional services such as APN, VPN and Firewall services, which are immediately ready without complex settings.

You as the client need not worry about individual bills, but rather the Telco costs are included in our flat rates. To optimize costs, we offer options such as bundles and pay-per-use.

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Data Transfer with Mobile Radio

Data transmission over Mobile Networks has doubled in the last 3 years. Through the variety of mobile APP’s, which provide users with new functions daily, the smartphone has become established in the market. North America and Europe are the top smartphone users, with a market share of approximately 70%. By the year 2019, about 18.24 billion GB (Source: Statista) per month were transmitted via the worldwide mobile phone networks.

The IoT and AI technologies have only been able to evolve effectively over the last 3 years as GPU services since the cost of cloud hosting made it possible. Every month, thousands of new subscribers (devices) log in to the mobile networks. Digitalization is in progress, and it is difficult to gauge how rapidly technology will evolve with ecosystems.