Big Data & Analytics



Devices & Installation

While using the Internet, an enormous amount of new data is continuously being collected and stored on servers. This data can be further processed by applications and generates added value from them. This added value serves as a new information source for processes and analyses in various areas.

Satcom offers with Loxy starOS a resource management and processing of the newly generated data, as well as a very effective added value and forms an interface to other ecosystems. They can more easily and quickly translate customer requirements and can provide more innovative customer retention services with real-time data.

Data analysis provides a clear overview of processes and individual status. Processes are more easily optimized and makes hidden problem areas visible. We can steer a vehicle because we take up all the information ourselves. Loxy gives you the same opportunity to get all the information (resources) in real time, and therefore making more sustainable decisions.

analyze and evaluate

Big Data for AI

Big Data is an important component for the application or development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). For AI applications, large amounts of data are needed to analyze and evaluate these processes. For AI projects, the cooperation between customer and provider is paramount in achieving goals. This includes exchanging and defining the data resources. This also forms the basis for “Machine Learning” with which machines exchange data and learn new concepts by analyzing data and information.