About us

About us
CEO Daniel Schnyder
Satcom Mission & Vision

We want to see a world where everyone has access to affordable and connected solutions

Satcom takes an innovative and advanced approach to business processes and combines them with technology in a fully integrated, automated and smart ecosystem. Our Mission is to help companies on their Digital Transformation journey while streamlining business operations, automating processes and decision-making. Our Vision is to unlock the full potential of the Internet and Technology, where connections and intelligence are empowered by a smart digital ecosystem.

Our Work

Satcom is a software developer and solution provider that offers a connected user-friendly platform and ecosystem

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Loxy an all-in-one Platform in one Ecosystem

that enables companies to gain a complete overview of their business and easily and seamlessly manage, capture and connect all aspects of their business life - employees, customers, sales, departments, assets, vehicles, operations, processes, tasks and much more.

Loxy operating system
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Loxy starOS is powered by AI, IoT and Robotics

Our platform collects and treats data to optimize, automate and streamline processes and offers operational insights to ease decision-making and quick actions. Alongside Loxy starOS we have a variety of web and mobile Apps to fulfill different business needs and user types – field workers, drivers, etc.

user interface
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All APP's on the same visual user interface

By integrating the company's Apps into one user interface, Loxy facilitates employees daily work. It also enables all employees to efficiently complete their tasks in a connected and smart ecosystem.

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with Hetzner Cloud and Google Cloud

Ongoing commitment to reducing the Carbon Footprint

At Satcom, we take environmental concerns seriously, therefore we have moved Loxy to use underlying cloud solutions that aim to reduce the carbon footprint. Satcom selected Hetzner Cloud and Google Cloud Platform to host the development and production platforms because they have an ongoing commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of the services being provided. Our aim is to also continue to reduce our carbon footprint by selecting service providers, that, like us, want to reduce carbon emissions.


We are a Swiss-born Software company with offices in Zurich (CH), Lisbon and Porto (PT)

Over the years, the company kept evolving and adapting to the needs of the market. With solutions ranging from physical devices to cloud platforms and mobile apps, we offer robust end-to-end solutions and service redesign in the areas of IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Having multicultural and diverse teams offers us the benefit of having distinct ways of thinking, unique approaches to problems and never-ending creative ideas.
past and future

Our History

From a "One Man Show" to a "Tech-Company" with an own operating system "starOS"

Legal structure & footprint

Structure at a Glance

Our structure is focused on economic alignment and global scaling without dependency on locations and fixed infrastructures

Solutions and Services

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